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Relieving your pain and 
improving your health, is my pursuit in life. Together, we can achieve health, happiness, and longevity! - Dr. Lei

减轻您的痛苦,助您获得健康是我的追求。健康、快乐、长寿是我们可一起达成的目标。-Dr. Lei

HealthMerica Acupuncture Clinic

 We accept Insurance, Workers' Compensation, & Auto Accidents.

Acupuncture for Pain Management

  • HeadacheMigraine, tension headache
  • Neck PainDisc, pinched nerve, pain and numbness go down to hand or shoulder blade, auto whiplash,  general neck pain
  • Shoulder Pain: Bursitis and tendinitis on biceps, rotator cuff.  Frozen shoulder and small tear on rotator cuff, general shoulder pain
  • Elbow and Wrist PainTendinitis and bursitis, Lateral epicondylitis--Tennis elbow, medial epicondylitis--Golf elbow. Carpal tunnel syndrome
  • Ankle, Foot PainSprain and strain ankle,Tendinitis and bursitis, general ankle/foot pain
  • Back, Lower Back, and Sciatic PainDisc, pinched nerve, pain and numbness goes down to the hip, thigh, knee, or toes. General back pain

  • Knee, Thigh PainTendinitis and bursitis, Sprain and strain, general knee pain

Cosmetic Acupuncture:
Reduces wrinkles and fine lines, Improves complexion  & elasticity. Acne treatment.

Women’s Health Issue:

Gout Specialize:
 There are zero negative side effects in using acupuncture and Chinese medicine to treat gout!